The History of the
ISIC Association

The ISIC card was first created
by students for students in 1953.

Who is behind the ISIC?

The ISIC Association, a non-profit based in Denmark, manages the growth and development of the International Student Identity Card (ISIC). It operates with 150+ community members, including 44 full-member organizations. The ISIC Association follows its Constitution and Convention, overseen by the Board, while day-to-day operations are managed by the ISIC Service Office.

Making Student Life BETTER

The association’s goal is to make the ISIC a vital tool for students worldwide, improving access to education, simplifying student life, fostering intercultural understanding and educational exchange, and connecting students from various nations with the global academic community.


In Sri Lanka, United Ventures (Pvt) Ltd represents the ISIC. Originally founded as United Holidays in 1995, it began as a company focused on destination management and airline representation.

Over the years, it has evolved into a holding company primarily concentrating on travel-related services, including airline representation, destination management, and providing travel products for students and youth like the ISIC. Notable subsidiaries and representations include United Airlines, Air Canada, STA Travel, ISIC, Travel 7 (Pvt) Ltd, and Holidays by Design (Pvt) Ltd.


The ISIC Association, a non-profit, manages the International Student Identity Card. Created by students in 1953, the card is now distributed to students in 176+ countries. UNESCO endorsed it in 1968, and it has ongoing backing from various governments, education and tourism ministries, student groups, and universities globally.

Who Can Use The ISIC Card?

  • Student card – For full-time students aged 12 and over, no upper cap on age
  • Youth card – For anyone younger than 35 years
  • Teacher card – For full-time teachers, professors and lecturers

Why Sign Up For A Membership

  • Prove your student status where ever you go
  • Access over 150,000 student discounts and offers in 130 countries
  • Save money everyday – both home and abroad!
  • Access student services and facilities internationally

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