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Co-brand: Institutions

ISIC’s co-branding enables institutions to elevate their student cards to globally recognized identity cards, endorsed by UNESCO. These upgraded cards grant students access to a wide range of ISIC benefits, services, and discounts worldwide.

2,500,000 million

ISIC cards issued yearly



Integrate the ISIC card for a secure and user-friendly identification solution that enhances campus safety and streamlines access to diverse campus services.

Our experts specialize in crafting custom card graphics that harmonize with your university’s visual identity, ensuring instant global recognition.

By embracing ISIC cards, your university’s reputation and standing are amplified, demonstrating a commitment to student well-being and innovation. This magnetizes high-caliber students worldwide, elevating your university’s prominence in higher education.

Card Technology
The ISIC card can work with your existing systems and be used for example for access to restricted areas, cashless payments for meals or printing, library card or transportation pass.

The ISIC can be embedded with different card technologies:

Digital Student & Teacher Card
Stay ahead of the digital trend​ with digital ISIC and ITIC cards allowing your students and academic staff to prove their identity and access services using their mobile device.
Case Study
ISIC European Student Card
ISIC is part of the European Student Card Initiative to digitally facilitate student mobility in Europe for example as part of the Erasmus+ exchange.

European universities can choose to include on their ISIC card:

This allows students to benefit from campus services during their mobility and use their card to enter a campus, university library or canteen.

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