Colombo Fort Cafe

10% discount on the bill with a minimum spend of Rs. 2,500 per cardholder

Elevate your dining experience to a realm of old-world charm at Colombo Fort Café, nestled within the historic confines of the Old Dutch Hospital complex. Transport yourself to the cobblestone streets of quaint southern European and Mediterranean towns as you step into our inviting bistro-style setting.


Situated within the 600-year-old heritage site of the Old Dutch Hospital complex, Colombo Fort Café stands as a testament to timeless elegance amidst the bustling cityscape of Colombo Fort. Surrounded by modern high-rises like the World Trade Center, our café offers a unique juxtaposition of the old and the new, creating an ambiance that is both nostalgic and contemporary.


Immerse yourself in the ambiance of a bygone era as you dine amidst the rustic charm of our historic setting. The café exudes a cozy atmosphere, with its warm lighting, exposed brick walls, and vintage décor, evoking memories of leisurely strolls along ancient streets.


Indulge your palate with a delectable array of culinary delights that pay homage to both local and international flavors. Our menu features a fusion of traditional and modern dishes, crafted with the finest ingredients to tantalize your taste buds and satisfy your cravings.

Exclusive Offer for ISIC Cardholders:

As a token of appreciation for your patronage, ISIC cardholders can enjoy an exclusive 10% discount on their total bill with a minimum spend of Rs. 2,500 per cardholder. Simply present your ISIC card upon payment to avail of this special offer and savor the flavors of Colombo Fort Café at a discounted rate. Valid through 15.03.2025.

Experience the magic of old-world dining at Colombo Fort Café and embark on a culinary journey that transcends time and space. Join us for an unforgettable experience where history, heritage, and hospitality converge to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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